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I graduated in Biotechnologies (BSc) and Bioinformatics (MSc) at the University of Trento and University of Verona, respectively. As a young bioinformatician I took part in the FANTOM5 Consortium (RIKEN, Japan) for the definition of the human promoterome, remaining fascinated by the potential impact of -omics in human diseases. I subsequently started Medical School at the University of Pavia, while collaborating with Fabrizio d’Adda di Fagagna (IFOM & CNR, Italy) on genomic damage, and graduated (MD) with honours by defending a thesis on clonal hierarchies in myeloma under the supervision of Prof. Luca Malcovati (UniPV, Italy) and Dr. Peter Campbell (Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK). Afterwards, I deepened my knowledge on clonal evolution in haematological malignancies with a Post-Doc at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (USA) under the guidance of Prof. Giovanni Parmigiani and Prof. Nikhil Munshi.

Since 2020 I joined Thorsten Zenz’s Lab and the Department of Hematology at USZ, where I am currently a resident physician scientist. My research interests encompass the clonal evolution of haematological malignancies and the translational (epi)genomics of lymphomas. 

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