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I am a senior physician in charge of the lymphoma program in the Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology at the University Hospital Zurich. After training in Freiburg, London, Philadelphia and Ulm, I moved to the University Hospital, German Cancer Research Center and National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg, where I developed a translational research program on precision medicine for lymphoma. In 2015, I became a full professor at the University of Heidelberg and a Division Head at the German Cancer Research Center in 2017. Our research aims to advance the understanding of molecular and genetic lesions in the pathogenesis of blood cancer subtypes and use this understanding to exploit it therapeutically in clinical care. For my work on precision medicine in leukemia and lymphoma, I received multiple academic prizes including the Franziska Kolb Prize (Leukemia Re-search), the Hans‐Jochen‐Illiger prize (Cancer Research) and the Paul‐Martini Prize (Clinical Pharmacology).


Over the last years, my group has focused on understanding the governing principles underlying drug response and developed practice changing use of novel drugs in blood cancer. We use high‐throughput drug screening and omics‐profiling to leverage precision medicine in blood cancer with a strong focus on lymphoid malignancies. We build on this strong research focus to develop a next generation of precision medicine tools to improve patient outcome and care. We strive to solve key questions regarding optimal treatment of a wide range of tumors within this unique network of researchers.

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